What If The Red Wine Splashes On The Carpet?

Nov. 14, 2019

As the saying goes, don't shed tears for the spilled milk. But a glass of red wine knocked over the carpet is really a headache! So what exactly is used to remove the wine stains on the carpet? Don't worry, take a deep breath, and the Velour Exhibition Carpet Supplier will find a solution for you.

The solution is slightly different depending on the detergent you have on hand. Daily cleaning agents that can clean red wine include: hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, baking soda, vinegar, soda, salt, white wine, carpet cleaner, wine stain remover, etc.

Velour Exhibition Carpet

Velour Exhibition Carpet

1. Hydrogen peroxide and baking soda: When red wine splashes on a white shirt, tablecloth or light-colored carpet, first try to absorb the wine on the cloth. Next, spray hydrogen peroxide on the wine stains, then sprinkle some baking soda. After 2-3 minutes of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda cover the stain, it can be rinsed and dried.

2. White wine: White wine is a good hand for cleaning red wine stains. White wine can neutralize red wine and make it easy to remove. The method is to pour some white wine at the wine stains and use a thick towel to blot the stains. This method is as simple as that! So easy! If you have used some white wine and still have some stains, then sprinkle some salt or soda, so you can completely remove the wine stains!

3. Soda water: Soda water is poured into the wine stains. The soda water can carbonize the stains to remove the wine stains on the carpet fibers. In addition, a little salt can play a buffer to prevent the stains from solidifying.

4. Vinegar, soap and soda: Vinegar can also neutralize anthocyanins in red wine, and works better with soap and soda.

In short, there are many ways to choose from, but keep in mind that the sooner you take the measure, the better. Below we can also share a few decontamination tips for everyone.

(1) Contaminants such as tea, coffee, soy sauce or beer: You can use a special cleaning solution such as carpet cleaning solution, borax solution or washing liquid, and remove it with a brush repeatedly, then clean it with water.

(2) Sticky substances such as ketchup, sauce, etc.: The stain can be absorbed and removed by a water-absorbent object such as a napkin, and then repeatedly brushed with a brush and washed with water.

(3) Lipids such as egg white, milk, ice cream, etc.: first wash with warm water and washing liquid, then use a special volatile degreaser to remove fat. Reminder: Do not use hot water. Because the protein is easily cured by heat, it is difficult to remove the scale and deform the carpet.

In addition to these, carpets also require routine maintenance:

Door Mat are the most commonly used household items. When used, carpets should be protected from strong direct sunlight to avoid aging and fading of the carpet. Where the legs of the furniture touch the carpet, the cushion should be placed or the furniture should be moved frequently; in addition to the protection of the worn parts, the position can be changed. Since the dust is easily accumulated in the surface fibers of the carpet, the best method is to frequently vacuum the hair in the direction of the hair, so that the carpet can be kept clean.

Experts recommend that the carpet be vacuumed once a week so that dirt does not get stuck in the pile, because the dirt will grind at the bottom, thus accelerating wear. At present, the vacuum cleaner has three kinds of vacuuming methods: a pure suction type, a beater type and a brush type rotary type, and is suitable for a carpet with a tight pile; while a Screen Printed Carpet can only use a vacuum cleaner with a suction function. In addition, the last push when using a vacuum cleaner should follow the direction of the pile.

The above is the way to remove carpet stains, have you learned?