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Product name

Flat exhibition carpet (Expo carpet)

Raw Material

100% Polyester fiber

Mass per unit



With or without plastic film-coated

Roll width

1m, 1.51m, 1.82m, 2m, 3m, 3.66m, 3.98m or 4m

length per roll

20m--60m, or customization


Looking at the color catalog


1000SQM per color


In plastic film bag (keep away from moisture)

Delivery Time

Approx 7~15 days after we got the advance payment


gangway corridors, exhibitions indoor, outdoor decoration and all kinds of Events

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Seven Performance Characteristics of the Exhibition Carpet

The exhibition carpets are commonly called a needle-punched non-woven carpet, which is the floor covering materials. It is a blanket-like laminated coil with a certain hardness, made of synthetic fibers through a needle punching process, and then processed by invasive glue. The width is generally 1-4 meters and the length is 60-90 meters. Following is the information about carpet performance characteristics:

1. The aesthetic point of view: beautification, decorative environment

Because the color of the carpet is different (such as red, pink, yellow, grey, brown, black, etc), the carpet is placed indoors, which can give people a great mood. People are in the living room and have a comfortable and relaxed feeling.

2. Easily install:

It is suitable for combination with daily necessities, etc., which is not monotonous, can often update the design style of the indoor environment, and is convenient to replace.

3. Sound absorption and sound insulation:

The carpet has better sound absorption and sound insulation than other flooring materials.

4. Warmth:

People have a cold feeling on the hard ground, especially in winter.

5. Safety:

Walking on the carpet, it is hard to slip and fall, even if it falls, it is hard to be injured.

6. Purify indoor air:

dust and Egyptian bacteria in the air will be absorbed by the carpet, thereby reducing the flow of dust and germs, and purifying the indoor air and improving the indoor air quality.

7. From ancient times to today, carpets have been regarded as the most high grade, ideal flooring laying materials. They are living standards and grades, which are regarded as improved performance.

The uses of carpets: expo halls, celebration etiquette event, opening ceremony, performing arts activities and other public places.

Six Functions Of The Carpet

Nowadays, everyone is paying more and more attention to soft-packing. Carpets are entering the life of everyone with more and more ever-changing styles. They think that carpets bring life not only taste, fashion, but also a healthy and safe life concept. The carpet has gradually developed into a high-grade ornament, which has the functions of heat insulation, moisture resistance, comfort, etc., as well as noble, gorgeous, beautiful and pleasing effects, thus becoming hot products of modern house decoration. What effect does it have to make the public keen on it? Please let me introduce for you.

1. The effect of sound insulation

With its tightly ventilated structure, the carpet absorbs and insulates sound waves and has good sound insulation.

2. Efficacy tow to improve air quality

The surface fluff of the carpet can capture and absorb the dust particles floating in the air, effectively improving the indoor air quality.

3. Efficacy of three carpet safety

Carpet is a kind of soft paving material. It is hard to slip and bump. It is different from hard flooring covering materials such as marble, floor tiles and ceramic tiles, and the floor covering is convenient to clear. There are recommended carpets or carpets for children and the elderly.

4. The effect of four artistic landscaping

The texture of the carpet is gorgeous, and the floors can be dignified and beautiful after being laid. Once the flooring of the stiff flat plate is carpeted, it will be full of rooms, which makes people feel happy and enjoys an aesthetic enjoyment. Carpets are rich in patterns, beautiful colors, and diverse shapes. They can beautify your decorative environment and reflect your personality. You can find according to your own preferences.

5. Five effects are non-toxic

Carpets do not have radiation, do not emit gases such as formaldehyde that are not conducive to good health, and meet various environmental requirements.

6. Efficacy of six walking comfort

When people walk on the hard ground every day, the soles of the feet focus on the ground and the reaction of the ground, making people feel uncomfortable and prone to fatigue. After the carpet is carpeted, since the carpet is a fabric with elastic fibers, the texture is thick and soft, so it will produce resilience when walking on it. It feels comfortable and soft, and it is good to eliminate fatigue and tension, which makes people feel happy.

How To Clean The Carpet?

Carpets can now be said to be a household item that each household has. Besides decorating the house, they are more essential for families when the weather is cold. In the cold winter, a warm carpet makes the home more comfortable and warm, but after the time of the carpet is long, there will be a lot of dust inside. If it is washed, it is hard to dry, especially when the weather is cold. What problems should solve for almost the household? Help you answer below:

First of all, we must know that there are many kinds of stains on carpets, and the styles of carpets on the market are different. For ordinary dust removal, brushing can be used. Rolling brushes can not only comb the carpet but also brush dust and adhesion. The dust cleaning effect is better than simply vacuuming, this method is most effective for the cleaning of bold stripe carpet. However, if you are dripping when you drink coffee or milk, please use a dry cloth to remove the liquid and then gently wipe it with a damp cloth. If the stain is still there, use a carpet spray to spray the stain and let it becomes powdery, then suck it out according to the ordinary vacuum method; if it is chemical dirt, it needs to use chemical solvent descaling and professional guidance, if the method is not good, Instead, it will spread the stains.

The easiest way to clean the carpet is to clean the carpet once a year with a steam cleaner and to remove the stain while spraying hot steam. For carpets that are frequently used in the living room, regular dry cleaning can be used for periodic cleaning to remove sticky dirt.

What is the specific method? Take a piece of an unused or old one, soak it in water, wring it out, then spread it on top of the carpet, and then beat it with a wooden stick, so that the dust in the carpet can be absorbed into the wet sheet. Then take 600 grams of flour, 100 grams of fine, talcum powder, 100 grams, mix with water, add 30 liters of white wine. The mixture is heated first and then mixed into a paste. After cooling, it is cut into pieces and evenly spread on the carpet, and then wiped with a dry brush and a flannel to remove the stain. If it is a sticky substance such as ketchup or sauce: use a water-absorbent object such as a napkin to absorb and remove the stain, and then use a brush to repeatedly clean it and wash it with water.

Moreover, when the legs of the furniture contact the carpet, the cushion should be placed or the furniture should be moved frequently; in addition to the protection of the worn parts, the position can be changed. Since the dust is easily accumulated in the surface fibers of the carpet, the best method is to frequently vacuum the hair in the direction of the hair, so that the carpet can be kept clean.

When necessary, the carpet should be routinely maintained. When using it, the carpet should be protected from strong direct sunlight to avoid aging and fading of the carpet. Where the legs of the furniture touch the carpet, the cushion should be placed or the furniture should be moved frequently; in addition to the protection of the worn parts, the position can be changed. Since the dust is easily accumulated in the surface fibers of the carpet, the best method is to frequently vacuum the hair in the direction of the hair, so that the carpet can be kept clean.

Experts recommend that the carpet be vacuumed once a week so that dirt does not get stuck in the pile, because the dirt will grind at the bottom, thus accelerating wear. At present, the vacuum cleaner has three kinds of vacuuming methods: pure suction type, tapping rod type and brush type rotary type, which are suitable for the carpet with tight piles; and the terry carpet can only use the vacuum cleaner with suction function. Moreover, the last push when using a vacuum cleaner should follow the direction of the pile.

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Foam Backed Jacquard Carpet

Color can be chosen or show your color samples to us:

Plain-Surfaces Exhibition Carpet

Plain-Surfaces Exhibition Carpet


* Free sample is available

* Many colors are available

* Easy carry

* Easy cutting

* Easy for construction

* No fiber tear off, no color fading and durable enough

* Widely used for many kinds of event, such as expo, wedding site, opening ceremony, celebration and so on

Packing & Delivery:

There are three kinds of packing can be choose:

* Plastic film bags

* White color woven bags

* First layer: plastic film bags; second layer: white color woven bags

Plain-Surfaces Exhibition Carpet

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Plain-Surfaces Exhibition Carpet

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