How To Clean A Dirty Carpet?

May. 25, 2020

Now with the improvement of people's living standards, most of our homes pay great attention to beauty and cleanliness. The most common thing in the home is the carpet. It can not only make your home beautiful, but also the same. It can also make the home environment cleaner.

However, because the carpet is trampled for a long time, and a little oil is accidentally poured on it, it appears that the carpet is very dirty, and it is very troublesome to clean. If it is not cleaned, it will look more dirty. What should we do? The Floor Mat Supplier will teach you how to clean the stains on the carpet. After cleaning, it will be as clean as new, saving time and effort. Come and try it out.

Baking soda is a very common thing in our lives. It is a chemical product. It is also called sodium bicarbonate. It can be quickly fused with water and decompose very quickly. But do you know, use It can remove many stains and other things on the carpet, and the cleaning is as clean as new, saving time and effort. The specific cleaning method is as follows.

The first thing we need to prepare is a pack of baking soda, a toothbrush, a watering can, and a clean towel. First, add an appropriate amount of water to the watering can, and then we pour a little baking soda on the carpet, and then we fill it with Water cans are sprayed on the carpet. At this time we must pay attention to how much baking soda is on the carpet, then we spray as much water on the baking soda.

Use the prepared toothbrush to wipe evenly on the carpet with baking soda until a large area of the carpet is covered with white mud-like items. Then we prepare a clean towel. Finally, try a few rubs on the top until the carpet is clean, so we just dry it in the sun or a cool and ventilated place.

Screen Printed Carpet

Screen Printed Carpet

1. There are many types of carpets, so this method is only for the cleaning of harder carpets, not for the cleaning of carpets. This is what we must know before cleaning. For better materials, such as Screen Printed Carpet cannot use this method, it should use professional cleaning methods.

2. For hard carpets, when cleaning in one direction, we still need to refresh the other direction. The cleaning method is the same as the cleaning method above. It is not possible to clean only one side. Both sides should be cleaned.

3. After we finish cleaning, we must place the carpet in a cool, ventilated place or in the sun, but if it is placed in the sun, it cannot be exposed because the carpet is not completely covered with water.

The above is the carpet cleaning method mentioned by Velour Exhibition Carpet Supplier. Have you learned it? Do you all clean the carpet like this at home? If this is not the case, try this method, saving time and effort.