How To Lay Artificial Grass?

May. 07, 2020

Artificial turf does not have high requirements for the foundation ground. Whether it is cement concrete, asphalt concrete substrate, hard sand ground, or cement stable layer, artificial grass can be laid. The important thing is that the artificial turf maintenance is very simple and durable. The most important thing for laying artificial turf is to make a construction plan, and then start from the corners of one side in the order of the construction drawings. The fixing method for laying artificial turf ground is to use glue, so how can the fake turf be fixed to the wall? Let’s take a closer look with the Artificial Grass Supplier.

1.Construction drawing area

First of all, the amount of lawn to be paved is good, and it is priced per inch. It is best to make a detailed construction area map. The same area, the pendulum is on the drawing, and the algorithm of some corners may be different. The area of the construction map will be more accurate.

2.The color of the lawn

The lawns are all green, and the green lawns are also subdivided into light green and dark green. And how long will the color become lighter after using green, these must be considered in the budget.

3. Model of lawn

Then determine the model of the lawn, the model of the green grass is divided into fine, thick, green grass vertical, inclined and so on. Choose the model according to the actual needs of lawn use.

4.The quality of the lawn

The quality of the lawn is key.

5. Acceptance of all accessories

There are also glues and adhesives for turf, and some auxiliary materials. After everything is ready, the most detailed acceptance work is required to ensure that each link is of high quality and flawless.

Artificial Grass

Artificial Grass

6, start laying the lawn

The best procedure is to start laying the lawn. Don't lay it randomly. Follow the construction drawings and in order, starting from the corner of one side and spreading it. Do not use the paved lawn immediately, wait until it is completely sticky. In the later use, professional staff are often required to take care of it.

(1) Auxiliary tools need to be prepared before installation: long ruler, wallpaper knife, special glue for artificial turf, brush, rubber hammer, dragon skeleton, electric drill, nails, etc.

(2) Before the Artificial Grass construction connection process, the ground or wall surface of the artificial turf must be cleaned and kept dry and free of moisture. Before the artificial grass construction connection process, the ambient temperature must be selected above 5 ° It is the most suitable for artificial turf construction; spread the turf for 24 hours to release the tension of the turf, so that the turf paving effect is wrinkle-free and more beautiful.

(3) Fix the dragon skeleton on the wall first. Hold the dragon skeleton close to the wall and draw a small circle with a brush at the place where nails are needed. Use a drill to drill the nails at the small circle to firmly fix the dragon skeleton on the wall.

(4) According to the height of the wall, cut the lawn to the required size with a wallpaper knife, nail it to the dragon skeleton with nails, and brush the corners of the lawn with glue to avoid cracking. The drying time should be controlled during the brushing of artificial turf. Generally within 10-30 minutes after gluing, the glue will be 80% to 90% dry. When artificial grass construction is bonded, it is required to align it firmly at one time, and do not move the bonded object after bonding.

(5) Curing during the specific construction of artificial turf: During the construction of artificial turf, the curing time is generally three days, and the final strength of the test is generally ten days. During the curing of the artificial turf, attention should be paid to the maintenance of the artificial turf, and the artificial turf should avoid flooding and movement, so that the optimal state of the artificial turf bonding can be achieved.

The above is the artificial turf laying method introduced by the Soccer Artificial Grass supplier. Hope to help everyone.