What Should Be Paid Attention To In The Use And Maintenance Of Artificial Grass?

Dec. 09, 2019

On the basis of our simple knowledge, we found that the existence of artificial grass is simply a kind of preferential treatment to heaven. You don't need to care about the weather conditions, you don't have to worry about insect bites, and you don't worry about the grassland withering due to the cold and fast weather. Wait for many questions. However, its own advantages do not mean that it is completely free to let itself go. Attentions in use and specific standards in conservation cannot be easily ignored. So how to use and maintain it properly? Velour Exhibition Carpet Supplier will tell you.

In fact, the most basic point for artificial grass used in offices or small living areas is to keep it clean and hygienic, compared with traditional grass in the past. It saves the trouble of cleaning and watering every day, but cleanliness is the most basic requirement, and the artificial grass used in such occasions or areas does not need to be considered to a certain extent, and it can be left to its development. What really requires us to invest a lot of energy to operate is a kind of maintenance of the lawn caused by artificial grass. If such a large amount of artificial grass is left completely unmanaged, it will quickly cause the lawn to be unusable. What is done is that there should not be too obvious garbage, melon peels or paper scraps on the site, and timely cleaning after use, and dust cleaning, the lawn after rain is very clean and tidy At this time, the dust does not need to be cleaned too much.

When the weather is very hot, the grass can be cooled in a timely manner by spraying artificial grass, so that athletes can use the field more comfortably, and there is a lot of fine rubber sprinkled on the grass. The main role of particles is to increase friction, but after rain, scouring through rain, and after the site is used, the distribution of filling particles is uneven, at this time you need to use a special rake Make these filler particles more evenly distributed.

Soccer Artificial Grass

Soccer Artificial Grass

Then in use, it is necessary to provide enough garbage bins around the Soccer Artificial Grass site, so that people can give the garbage a certain place after the garbage is produced, instead of choosing to keep the garbage on the grass. Part of it is that it cannot be cleaned too many times. If it is too frequent, it will damage the grass and repair small holes in time, not just pretending not to know or even neglecting it. This exists in some aspects. Big security risks. Under normal circumstances, all kinds of dust in the air do not need to be intentionally cleaned, and natural rain water can play a washing role. But as a sports field, such ideal conditions are rare, so it is necessary to timely clean up various residues on the turf, such as peeling paper scraps, melon and fruit drinks, and so on. Lightweight garbage can be solved with a vacuum cleaner. Larger ones can be removed with a brush, while stains need to be treated with a corresponding liquid agent and rinsed with water quickly, but do not use random cleaning agents.

In addition, fireworks can cause turf damage and safety hazards. Although most of the Artificial Grass now has flame retardant functions, it will inevitably encounter inferior venues with unsatisfactory performance and hidden safety risks. There is also no doubt that artificial turf does not burn in contact with fire sources, but there is no doubt that high temperatures, especially open flames, will melt the grass and cause damage to the site.