What Are The Benefits Of Artificial Grass?

Dec. 02, 2019

What are the benefits of artificial grass? Why is artificial grass growing in popularity? What is the difference between artificial grass and real grass? As a consumer, how should we choose artificial grass? The manufacturer of Leisure Facility Artificial Grass will lead you to understand these questions in detail. I believe that after reading this article, you will have some understanding of the advantages and benefits of artificial grass and how to buy artificial grass!

Artificial grass overcomes several major difficulties of natural grass: 1. Real grass cannot grow normally under very climatic conditions, and the survival rate of natural grass is very unsatisfactory; 2. Some countries and regions cannot afford high real grass due to economic reasons Maintenance costs; Third, natural grass cannot be cultivated in some covered stadiums.

No Filling Artificial Grass

No Filling Artificial Grass

Compared with natural turf, artificial grass has very obvious advantages:

(1) It can be used normally in cold winter or hot summer. It is less affected by rain and snow, and it is used 24 hours a day. For example, Durable Soccer Artificial Grass is particularly suitable for high-frequency school football stadiums or various kind of training ground. Artificial grass has high durability and can be used around the clock without restriction of the frequency of use. Natural grass can only be postponed when it encounters rain or snow.

(2) Good durability. The normal use period of a piece of artificial grass can be more than 6 years, while natural grass is only 2 to 4 years. Natural grass is not suitable for too many non-competition activities, because it will damage the lawn very much. 

(3) The economic cost of artificial turf is relatively low, the management and maintenance costs are low in the later period, the maintenance is simple, no planting is required; no trimming is required; no watering is needed; the indoor can still be green and not yellow in winter;

(4) The surface layer can be recycled and reused, with environmental protection performance;

(5) Many internationally renowned competitions and domestic competitions are conducted on artificial grass, which will provide greater consistency in results;

(6) Does not cause allergic reactions;

(7) The entire lawn is uniform and does not have bare areas like natural lawns. Artificial grass has strong practicability and simple maintenance. After several generations of updates, the quality of artificial turf is now comparable to natural grass.

Conventionally speaking, artificial grass is similar to the carpet commonly found in our lives. It is laid on the hard ground and then filled with sand and particles. Of course, there is also No Filling Artificial Grass. Generally speaking, artificial grass is a polypropylene (pp) or polyethylene (PE) and a fiber made of polypropylene and polyethylene as a raw material.At the same time, an appropriate amount of UV absorber and fuel nylon \ polypropylene are added. After weaving it, it is covered with a resin base. Then, let's take a look at some issues that need attention when buying artificial grass!

It is well known that artificial grass is generally made of chemical materials. Depending on the selected chemical material and processing technology, artificial grass also has advantages and disadvantages. How to evaluate artificial grass when purchasing artificial grass? Pros and cons? In fact, it is very simple. Professionals often use the two reference standards of artificial grass's antistatic performance and brightness to judge the pros and cons of artificial grass.

In general, during the construction of artificial grass, once the size of the marking line is not accurate enough, the lawn will not be straightened. However, when the strength of the seam belt is not sufficient or the professional artificial grass glue is not used, the artificial grass will still There will be a bad phenomenon of lawn turning.

Under normal circumstances, there should be no obvious seams on the artificial grass field, but this phenomenon will only occur if the construction process does not meet the specifications. The artificial grass has no regular arrangement of the direction of the silk lodging, resulting in light Reflection chromatic aberration.

During artificial grass construction, due to uneven sand injection and particles, or direct construction of lawn folds without prior treatment, the consequence is an uneven surface of the entire artificial grass site, which is likely to bring some unavoidable hurt.

If we smell the artificial grass site has a strange smell or a lot of color, it can basically prove that there is a quality problem in the artificial grass filling used in the construction stage. These are problems that occur easily during the construction of artificial grass, but they are not particularly serious. Problems can be avoided with a little attention and strict and standardized implementation of artificial grass construction procedures.