Artificial Grass Post-use Maintenance Principles

Nov. 11, 2019

What are the post-use maintenance principles of artificial grass? The appearance and performance of artificial grass are very similar to real grass. It has the characteristics of wear resistance, UV resistance, aging resistance, and easy maintenance. Artificial grass is used in outdoor sites. It has long-term sun and rain, and it is used frequently. The environment is complex and diverse. It will always have some impact on artificial grass! What are the important points for using artificial grass? What are the principles of artificial grass maintenance? Let the manufacturers of No Filling Artificial Grass introduce them in detail!

Artificial grass later use and maintenance principle one: Need to keep artificial grass clean

Under normal circumstances, all kinds of dust in the air do not need to be intentionally cleaned, and natural rain water can play a washing role. However, Durable Soccer Artificial Grass used as a sports field, such an ideal state is rare, so it is necessary to timely clean up various residues on the grass, such as paper scraps, melon and fruit drinks, and so on. Lightweight garbage can be solved with a vacuum cleaner. Larger ones can be removed with a brush, while stains need to be treated with a corresponding liquid agent and rinsed with water quickly, but do not use random cleaning agents.

Durable Soccer Artificial Grass

Durable Soccer Artificial Grass

Artificial grass later use and maintenance principle two: fireworks will cause grass damage and hidden safety hazards

Although most of the artificial grass now has flame retardant functions, it will inevitably encounter inferior sites with unsatisfactory performance and hidden safety risks. There is also no doubt that artificial grass does not burn in contact with fire sources, but there is no doubt that high temperatures, especially open flames, will melt the grass and cause damage to the site.

Artificial grass use and maintenance principle three: control the pressure in a unit area

No vehicles are allowed on the artificial grass, no parking is allowed, and no items can be stacked. Although artificial grass has its own uprightness and resilience, for Durable Landscape Artificial Grass, the burden is too heavy or the time is too long, it will crush the grass. In addition, artificial grass fields cannot be used for sports such as javelins that require the use of sharp sports equipment. In football games, long spikes cannot be worn. Round spikes can be used instead. High heels are not allowed on the field.

Artificial grass use and maintenance principle four: Control the frequency of use

Although artificial grass can be used with high frequency, it can't sustain high-intensity exercise without restriction. Depending on the use situation, especially after intense exercise, the venue still needs some rest time. For example, an artificial grass football field should not have more than four official matches a week.

Follow these precautions in daily use, on the one hand, you can keep the sports function of the artificial grass field in a better state, and on the other hand, you can increase its service life. In addition, the overall inspection of the site can be carried out when the frequency of use is low, although most of the small damage encountered, timely repair can prevent the problem from expanding.