The Real Role of Doormats

May. 29, 2020

Door Mat believes that many families will use it, but few people know what it really does. In addition to protecting indoor hygiene, the doorway can actually bring us good luck. It can also be said to be a feng shui object. Because it can purify the magnetic field in the home and resolve all kinds of evil spirits. The doormat is equivalent to the threshold in ancient architecture. The reason why the threshold is designed to be relatively high is mainly because it has two functions of blocking evil and eliminating evil spirits and keeping the magnetic field in the house stable. With the change of the times and the change of architectural style, modern architectures basically have no threshold. In fact, this is not good for the fortune of the family. However, if the threshold is added, it will look out of place, so people invented it and can replace it. Threshold doormat.

Door Mat

Door Mat

Door mats are usually placed at the doorway, which is the intersection of indoor and outdoor. The magnetic field is uncertain, and there is a lot of outdoor air. There is evil spirit. If we do not take some measures to resolve these evil spirits, over time, it will bring bad things to the family, bad luck, and unsuccessful things, which will affect people's fortune and quality of life.

Home location is important, and only paying attention to these details can bring good luck to life. The doormat is also the nemesis of these evil spirits. It can adjust the yin and yang, level the five elements, and effectively dissolve some evil spirits near the door, which is the first guarantee to enhance home luck.

The choice of door mat color is exquisite, and the floor mat can also be used as a tool to promote wealth. The secret lies in the color of the floor mat. The orientation of each home door has a unique gas field. This gas field is the five elements' gas field. Therefore, in the azimuth field of the five elements, the carpet should be selected according to the orientation of the door.

In addition to the door mat, it can be placed in the toilet and kitchen door in addition to the door. For example, the toilet is the place where dirt and dirt are the easiest to hide. If it is not treated for a long time, it will cause dissatisfaction between the husband and wife, prone to quarrel, and economic impact. For example, it is easy to meet villains at work, and business cannot be started. For this reason, you can put a green door mat at the entrance of the toilet, which can have a certain effect.

In addition to the toilet door mat, a suitable door mat can also be placed in the kitchen door. The place where the kitchen is in charge of the family, in Feng Shui, also represents the family's financial resources. If you don’t pay attention to environmental hygiene and adjust the magnetic field, over time, your temper will become irritable and your physical and mental health will be affected.

The above is the true function of the door mat introduced by Floor Mat Supplier.