What Is The Correct Way To Lay The Carpet?

Nov. 21, 2019

In recent years, carpets have become more and more popular. Many people choose to put a layer of carpet on the floor of the study and bedroom. In order to pursue the quiet feeling of the whole space, they will generally choose to fill the whole room carpet.

The carpet is full and the movable block carpet is different. There are many places to pay attention to. Let's follow the Velour Exhibition Carpet Supplier to learn the correct laying method of the carpet.

1, ground treatment

If the floor of the study or bedroom has been paved with wooden floors, then there is no need to do more ground treatment; if it is a concrete floor, it is necessary to check whether there are any bumps or pits on the ground, and leveling or filling the ground accordingly. Then rinse the floor with clean water and let it dry before laying the carpet.

2, laying method

The laying of the carpet depends on the functionality of the room. It is divided into two types: non-fixed and fixed:

Unfixed: The carpet is cut and bonded into a whole piece, which is directly spread on the ground, not bonded to the ground, and can be trimmed along the corners. Suitable for rooms where the carpet is often rolled up or infrequently used.

Fixed type: the carpet is cut and bonded, then pieced together, and the carpet is fixed around the floor of the room. Two methods can be used: one is to stick the circumference of the carpet surface with the adhesive or double-sided tape to the ground; the other is to install a wooden card with a nail on the ground around the room, and the back of the carpet Set on the small nail of the wooden card strip.

3, carpet patching method

There are two ways to splicing the carpet. One is to connect two or more rugs with needlework, and the other is to bond the rug with adhesive tape. First, use the iron to fuse the glue, then press the rug on the rug. On the melted adhesive tape, press firmly until the carpet is bonded together.

4, the operation sequence

(1) Size

The length of each carpet is about 5cm longer than the length of the room. The width is calculated by cutting the size of the edge of the carpet and positioning the carpet. When cutting the carpet, the knitting direction of the interface carpet should be consistent to avoid Yin and Yang noodles.

(2) fixed and spliced

Spread the cut carpet on the ground, first fix one side, then use a tensioner to tighten the carpet and then use the appropriate seaming method to seam. The laying of the carpet should pay attention to the direction of the woven fabric to match the direction of the main light, so as to reduce the undesirable effect of leaving the reverse marks on the carpet during walking to cause the messy print of the light.

(3) Trimming and cleaning

After trimming the carpet with scissors along the wall, use a flat spatula to push the carpet into the pin of the wooden card to fix it. Finally, seal it with a bead and clean the dust on the carpet with a vacuum cleaner. If you feel trouble, you can choose Bold Stripe Carpet which is easy to clean and dirt resistance.

 Bold Stripe Carpet

Bold Stripe Carpet

5, matters needing attention

(1) Before laying the floor, the floor should be cleaned first, leaving no debris such as stone chips.

(2) The tape used for the carpet must be laid flat and the interface should be glued with adhesive tape. It can be pasted with double-sided tape with glue on both sides, cover the adhesive layer with plastic film, peel off the film when used, and stick it on the adherend.

(3) Pay attention to the intersection of the corners of the carpet and the corners of the wall, etc., to avoid the phenomenon of lifting from the seam and edge.

(4) The pattern of the carpet interface should be consistent and the color should be consistent, and the joints should be hidden and not exposed.

The above is the correct laying method for the carpet shared by the Floor Mat Supplier. Have you learned it?