Office Carpet Preparation And Precautions

Nov. 07, 2019

Nowadays, many office renovations choose carpets for the decoration effect and decoration style. In the process of office decoration, the carpets must be prepared in the early stage. After purchasing the carpets, it is necessary to lay the floor of the floor before the office decoration carpets are laid. Processing, only the substrate treatment is perfect to lay a more perfect carpet. What are the preparations and precautions for carpet laying during office renovation? The Floor Mat Supplier will come back to tell everyone.

1. The base laid should be flat whether it is wood or concrete. The concrete surface should be fully dried after being smoothed with mortar. When the material is fixed with nails, the wooden bricks should be buried in the surrounding area. When the agent is fixed, the most important thing is to investigate the height of the entrance threshold of the office. To match the thickness of the carpet, the thickness of the cushioning felt material and other materials, when it is a stainless steel threshold, the height of the threshold is short. The gap below is small. If the thickness of the carpet is laid before the carpet is laid, the lower part of the door leaf is very inconvenient to use. If the problem is found after the completion of the project, the pad felt under the entrance and exit is thinned and repaired. It is very inappropriate to remind such practices, and sufficient research should be done in advance.

2. When the carpet is laid, padding materials such as felt products and sponge products are usually laid between the carpet and the ground. Prevent damage caused by unevenness of the ground, and lose the effect of heat preservation and sound absorption. The gasket material joints are flat butt joints, fixed by hardware at intervals of 10 cm, and the periphery is fixed with adhesive or nails, and is adhered to the entire ground in a large walking place. The laying method of the carpet varies depending on the type of the carpet and the construction site, and there are usually a bead fixing method, a gripping method, a nail fixing method, and a double-face bonding method. These methods are also applicable to laying a Printed Logo Exhibition Carpet.

Printed Logo Exhibition Carpet

Printed Logo Exhibition Carpet

3, the bead fixing method. A 20mm x 30mm or 10mm x 25mm wood bead is placed around the carpet, and the bead and carpet are nailed into the concrete floor with special steel nails.

4. The gripper method is to use the gripper to use the elasticity of the carpet. A gripper of the same thickness as the cushioning material or a slightly thinner of 1-2 mm, fixed with adhesive or nails on the floor around the office room and on the floor of the entrance and exit. After laying the cushioning material, use a stretching machine to tighten the surface layer of the material. Then let it hang on the nail of the gripper.

5, nail fixed laying method is to fold the periphery of the carpet into more than 30mm, fixed with nails. When laying carpet on the stairs, in addition to the gripper, the method of fixing the hardware of the pipe with the anti-slip strip, etc., when the base is concrete, the wooden brick is buried in the necessary part.

6. The two-sided sticking method is to apply adhesive along the carpet when the carpet is affixed to the leveling layer. The width of the glue is 100-150mm, and the amount of glue is 0.05kg per square meter. It can also be coated with a certain amount of 1 meter square on the ground. The squares are then laid on the carpet. Does the office carpet produce odor, is it antibacterial, anti-fouling, anti-stress, and wear-resistant? The office is the place where a group of people go to work most of the time, so the smell of the carpet will affect their respiratory system. Affect their physical condition.

Some of the carpet bottoms contain PVC components, such as Outdoor PVC Coil Mat. PVC stabilizes molding. It must be added with plasticizer as an additive. This kind of carpet is not suitable for the office. It is suitable for outdoor use. Office carpets must be durable, wear-resistant and not bacteria-producing. Anti-fouling and anti-stress function

The above is about the office carpet laying should pay attention to, I hope to help everyone.