What Are The Maintenance And Cleaning Of Hotel Carpets?

Nov. 01, 2019

Many express hotels are gradually eliminating the use of carpets, because it feels costly for carpets, and it is more troublesome to maintain and clean. But among high-star hotels, carpets are one of the essential facilities. Why? The laying of the hotel carpet is not only used to increase the beauty of the hotel, but also to improve the grade of the hotel. It also has a lot of use value, specifically there are practical benefits, so that the hotel is not only beautiful and comfortable. So what are the specific benefits? The Velour Exhibition Carpet Supplier will come to tell you.

1, the role of sound absorption and reduce dryness

The carpet absorbs the echo noise in the room, reducing the reflection and spread of sound through the ground and walls, creating a quiet home environment. Imagine if you are laying tiles and floors. The high-heeled shoes of the ladies are bound to make a loud noise. This is not tolerated in public places such as hotels. Carpets can solve this problem.

2, the role of thermal insulation

The carpet has the effect of balancing the room temperature. In winter, the carpet can block the coolness of the ground and increase the warmth and comfort of the room. When the air conditioner is turned on in summer, the insulation and barrier function of the carpet will make the low temperature in the room not easily escape through the ground.

3, safety slip

Walking on the carpet, it is not easy to slip, and because of the softness and elasticity of the carpet, it will greatly reduce the possibility of injury caused by falling, especially for the elderly and children, which is like the use of the Door Mat at home.

Bold Stripe Carpet

Bold Stripe Carpet

4, shock absorption comfort

Stepping on a soft and elastic carpet, you will feel relaxed and comfortable, reduce fatigue, and there will be no tremor caused by frequent collisions between the hard ground and the sole.

Carpets are essential for a high-end hotel room, and its beauty and cleanliness is also related to the image of this hotel. However, carpet contamination is inevitable after a long period of use. If it is not cleaned up in time, it will be more difficult to handle in the future, then how to maintain and clean the hotel carpet?

1, maintenance

Carpets need to use upright vacuum cleaners every day. If there is no upright vacuum cleaner, you can use ultra-quiet vacuum cleaner to vacuum the dust. Don't wait for a lot of stains and dirt to penetrate the carpet fiber and clean it. Just clean the carpet and pay attention to clean the floor under the carpet. . And must be used evenly, after a few years of carpeting, it is best to adjust the position to make it wear evenly. Once you have a bumpy spot in some places, gently tap it or gently iron it with a steam iron. Generally Bold Stripe Carpet are easier to clean.

2, remove the stain

Daily cleaning. The various stains on the carpet should be disposed of in a timely manner and can be removed with a professional carpet stain cleaner.

Fifteen days to a month, some surface stains will be revealed, and this time an effective surface cleaning is required. The most common method is to use a multi-function brushing machine with an electronic foaming box, plus a dry foam carpet cleaner or a high foam carpet cleaner for cleaning. 

After two to three surface cleaning cycles, a three-in-one carpet extractor must be thoroughly cleaned, mainly to remove the sand and stains deposited on the root of the carpet, and thoroughly remove the dust. The main method is to use a three-in-one carpet extractor with low-foaming carpet cleaner and defoamer to infiltrate and decompose strongly, and then use a vacuum suction machine to absorb the stain with strong water absorption.

In addition to the requirements of the operation skills, the carpet cleaning is also related to the carpet cleaning agent and the equipment for washing the carpet. The cleaning and equipment with good quality and guaranteed quality can be used to maintain the carpet more effectively.