What Are The Precautions For Purchasing Carpets?

Oct. 25, 2019

In daily life, carpets, as a necessity for home, car, and exhibition, play a big role in improving the quality of life, reducing noise, beautifying exhibitions, etc. Then do you know how to choose a carpet that suits you? If you don't know, then look down and Printed Logo Exhibition Carpet Supplier will tell you.

First, the carpet should meet the national mandatory standards

The quality of indoor air is getting more and more attention from the international community and consumers. GB18587-2001 "Interior Decoration Materials Carpets, Carpet Liners and Release Limits of Hazardous Substances in Carpet Adhesives" is one of the mandatory standards promulgated by the state. Carpet is one of the interior decoration materials. In the manufacturing process, carpet backing and other manufacturing processes, the latex and various compounding agents used in the process will inevitably retain some harmful substances in the product, such as: formaldehyde, styrene, 4 -Phenylcyclohexene, etc., if these residual harmful substances exceed the specifications stipulated by national standards, when used for laying, it will bring a certain degree of pollution to the indoor air, which will affect human health. When consumers purchase carpets, they must understand whether the products meet the requirements of national standards to protect consumers' own health.

Screen Printed Carpet

Screen Printed Carpet

Second, look at the label

All kinds of carpet products must be truthfully marked according to the requirements of the "Carpet Label" standard when they are shipped or sold: the product name, the registered trademark of the product, the name and content of the carpet surface fiber, the pile thickness of the carpet, and the carpet base. The quality of the pile, the durability of the product, the size of the product, the standard code of the product execution, the quality grade of the product, the date of manufacture of the product, the length of the pile of the handmade carpet and the number of tufts. By looking at the labeling of the label, there is basically a general understanding of the quality level of the carpet product.

Third, the choice of carpet products

1, the choice of carpet varieties:

a. Tufted carpet is beautiful and durable, and it is a popular mid-range product.

b. Woven carpets and Screen Printed Carpet are gorgeous and comfortable, and they are high-end products in the mechanism carpet.

c. Needle-punched carpet is suitable for places with frequent replacement cycles, and is a low-grade product in the mechanism carpet.

d. Hand-knotted wool carpets, hand-tufted wool-backed carpets, and hand-knotted silk carpets are interior high-end decorations.

2, the choice of carpet size: the choice of carpet size specifications should also be compatible with the function of the room. Usually the bedroom is simple to install, and you can choose a full carpet. The living room can be purchased with high-grade rugs woven with wool or nylon fibers.

Fourth, the choice of carpet quality

The quality and quality of carpet products are mainly determined by inspection data, but also by some simple empirical methods:

1. The pile density of the carpet: the carpet can be touched by hand. The quality of the pile of the product is high, and the density of the carpet surface is full. The carpet has good elasticity, resistance to pedaling, abrasion resistance, comfort and durability. Consumers are reminded not to choose the plush method to pick the carpet. The surface looks fluffy, but the pile density is loose, the pile is easy to fall, and the carpet is not resistant to stamping. It is easy to lose the unique characteristics of the carpet. Performance, not durable.

2, color fastness: a variety of carpets, soft texture, beautiful and generous. When selecting a carpet, use a hand or a test cloth to rub repeatedly on the surface of the carpet several times to see if there is any color on the hand or the test cloth. If the color is sticky, the color fastness of the product is not good, resulting in the laying of the carpet. It is prone to discoloration and discoloration during use, which affects the aesthetic effect of the carpet during use.

3, look at the appearance quality: consumers in the selection of carpets, to see whether the carpet surface is flat, whether the carpet edge is straight, there is no flaws, oil spots, color difference, especially when buying tufted carpet to see if there is a blanket back De-lining, osmosis and other phenomena, to avoid the phenomenon of drums and inequalities in the laying of the carpet, and lose the comfort and beautiful effect.

The above is about the method of purchasing carpets. I hope to help everyone. If you have any demand for carpets, you can contact us. We not only have all kinds of carpets, but also Artificial Turf Mat, door mats and other mats suitable for cars. Welcome everyone to buy.