Some Tips in the Maintenance and Use of Artificial Grass

Mar. 16, 2020

Compared with the tedious and costly post-maintenance work of natural grass, the maintenance of artificial grass football field is much easier. We can grasp some tips in the maintenance and use of artificial grass football fields, which can not only maintain the sports performance of the sports field, increase comfort, but also extend the life of the grass to a certain extent. The Durable Soccer Artificial Grass Manufacturer is here to share with you some tips in the maintenance and use of artificial grass.

First, cool down

When the summer weather is hot, the surface temperature of the artificial grass will be relatively high, and it is indeed a little uncomfortable for the athletes who are still running and jumping on it. Football field maintenance personnel generally use water spraying on the field to reduce the surface temperature, which is very effective. It is necessary to pay attention to the use of clean water sources for cooling and spraying, and the spraying should be uniform, the site can be moist, and because the water evaporation rate is fast, you can repeatedly spray water according to the specific situation.

Second, cleaning

If it's just Easy Cutting Landscape Artificial Grass, then natural rain can clean it. However, although it is generally forbidden to throw debris on artificial grass fields, various garbage will inevitably be generated in actual use. Therefore, the maintenance of football fields must include regular cleaning. Lightweight garbage such as crumbs, crumbs, husks, etc. can be handled with a suitable vacuum cleaner. In addition, you can use a brush to remove excess garbage, taking care not to affect the filling particles.

Durable Soccer Artificial Grass

Durable Soccer Artificial Grass

Third, snow removal

In general, after snowfall, it will wait for the natural melting into the accumulated water to be discharged without the need to deliberately remove the snow. But sometimes it is necessary to use the field, then the football field must be maintained. Snow removal machines include rotating broom machines or snow blowers. It should be noted that only equipment that uses pneumatic tires can remove snow and cannot stay in the ground for a long time, otherwise it will damage the lawn.

Fourth, de-icing

Also, it is better to wait for it to melt naturally when the site is frozen. De-icing steps are required to use the site. De-icing requires crushing the ice with a roller, and then sweeping the broken ice directly. If the ice layer is too thick, a chemical agent is needed to melt it. Urea is recommended. However, the residue of the chemical agent will cause damage to the grass and the user, so the site must be washed with water as soon as the situation allows.

Durable Soccer Artificial Grass venue maintenance is indeed much easier, but maintenance is still essential. The first purpose of maintenance is to regularly repair and repair minor problems after regular inspections to avoid the problem from expanding. Second, to ensure the stability of the football field's lawn sports performance and always maintain a good condition.