What Factors Make Up a Qualified Artificial Grass Football Field?

Mar. 23, 2020

The quality of the artificial turf football field is closely related to the parameters of the product. In addition, it is also closely related to the shape of the grass, the selection of raw materials, the ability to resist aging and corrosion, the choice of the base fabric, the application of the weaving method and the choice of the adhesive The relationship is as follows:

1. The higher the DTEX decitex of the product, the higher the abrasion resistance relative to the product. Because artificial turf is usually a combination of 4 strands of 8 strands or 6 strands of 12 strands, the higher the weight of grass, the heavier the weight assigned to each strand, the better the abrasion resistance for daily sports. . The name of DTEX in China is different, some are called fiber and some are called pounds!

2. The shape of the grass has a decisive factor in the warranty period of the product. At present, the artificial turf of major domestic football stadiums is mainly monofilament reinforced, diamond-shaped and various special-shaped grasses. The most cost-effective is the diamond-type. Foreign countries generally use special-shaped grasses for leisure lawns, and sports lawns use diamonds. There are many types, and it is very common in China to apply such products to sports lawns due to the requirements of standard control and sales of products.

3. The warranty period of the lawn is also related to the choice of raw materials. There are differences in the level of extraction technology for polyethylene and polypropylene required for lawns at home and abroad. If you choose foreign imports and products from PetroChina and Sinopec, the quality assurance is still very high. If you choose products from small-scale chemical manufacturers, The quality of the finished product cannot be guaranteed, and even some bad manufacturers use waste materials and recycled materials for production, so such products are even more wordlessly guaranteed.

Soccer Artificial Grass

Soccer Artificial Grass

What aspects have affected the quality of Durable Soccer Artificial Grass?

1. Impact of excipients. In addition to visible excipients, it also includes masterbatch particles and some anti-aging and other added applications. The choice of these products often determines the quality of the product, and it cannot be discerned and found in a short time, so don't try to be too cheap. product.

2. Choice of weave. The weaving method is generally divided into "one" stitches and "Z" stitches. The former is more common and the price is reasonable, which is suitable for most field requirements. The latter is mostly for customers who have sports requirements for football fields. Withstand the requirements of more intense matches or high-frequency use of the venue, so the price will be higher.

3. Choice of adhesive. Generally, two types of styrene-butadiene latex and PU backing are used. SBR latex is more common and suitable for most venues and is reasonably priced. PU backing has excellent characteristics such as firm grass and anti-corrosion, which greatly increases grass. The level of parameters such as extraction force has a great impact on the optimal use time of the lawn, and of course the price will be much higher.

4. Choice of base fabric. The base cloth is divided into domestic and imported, and also divided into different weights and different combinations. Imported base fabrics are far superior to similar domestic products in terms of warp and weft technology, and will not experience thermal expansion and contraction. The higher the weight of similar products, the better the quality of the base fabric. Different combinations of base fabrics also have a great impact on the quality of the product.

Impact of construction links and auxiliary materials selection on the quality of artificial turf football pitches

1. Selection of seam cloth: Generally divided into two kinds of black seam cloth and non-woven seam cloth of PP material.

2. Glue selection: It is recommended to choose special glue for artificial turf (same environmental protection glue for artificial grass with dust).

3. Selection of filled quartz sand: It is recommended to choose high-quality polished white quartz sand for filling.

4. Selection of filler particles: The particles are generally divided into black particles, TPE particles, etc., each of which has high-quality and inferior products. If you choose inferior products, particle compaction and particle powdering will occur. The situation is irreversible, if the situation is serious, it is necessary to rebuild it!

A qualified football field needs to have a variety of conditions, so Durable Soccer Artificial Grass Manufacturer needs to provide high-quality artificial grass to meet the customer's requirements and expectations, which of course includes the construction part. If the material guarantees high quality, more than 70% of the The problems are all in the construction process! Therefore, the quality of the football field does not depend on a certain material or a link, but the integration of the entire system, and even the ground and drainage of the field!