Construction Details That Determine the Artificial Turf Experience

Mar. 30, 2020

Nowadays, 90% of the kindergarten activities and the football field of students are artificial turf, so the construction technology is very critical for these turf, so today Durable Soccer Artificial Grass Manufacturer can decide the turf use experience and quality construction details for your reference.

First, no matter what type of artificial turf, the foundation is valued during construction. At present, the common is the cement foundation, asphalt foundation, and gravel foundation. Although many artificial turf are constructed on dirt roads, it is also compacted. The smooth and pavement-free pavement, and whether it is filled lawn or free-filled lawn, must pay attention to the foundation before construction. Only after ensuring that the foundation pavement is level and free of unevenness can the subsequent construction be done. Systems or drains are naturally the best.

Second, the construction of sports lawns, such as Durable Soccer Artificial Grass, requires the use of glue, and there are many artificial grasses that are constructed outdoors in sports venues. Therefore, there are requirements for the temperature, humidity and weather conditions of the construction site, such as The temperature should be at least five degrees celsius, and the use of glue will also be affected when the humidity is high, such as the rainy weather. Therefore, you should first survey the site before you understand the weather and the environment, and develop a corresponding construction plan.

Easy Cutting Exhibition Artificial Grass

Easy Cutting Exhibition Artificial Grass

Third, experienced construction workers often need to be experienced in real construction. For example, when cutting lawns, you should increase the actual size. Also, pay attention to the height of the grass silk during construction. This is not only beautiful but also useful in the future. The direction of sunlight is the same, so the wear condition of the entire lawn is the same, and the wear degree of the same lawn will not change with the increase of the use time. In addition, quartz sand and rubber particles can be filled according to different site uses and lawn heights. Some inexperienced construction masters have no clear requirements for the filling, so many people fill it randomly, and the filling amount does not meet the site use standards. After the field has been used for a long time, there will be bumps and bumps, and the bottom of the lawn will be exposed. Therefore, the filler should be filled to two-thirds of the lawn.

What I just mentioned are the details that should be paid attention to when making artificial turf. These details directly determine the experience and maintenance cost of the final turf. If you do not pay attention to the quality of the details in the construction, you will find gaps in the turf or if the foundation is not good, the service life of the lawn will be greatly reduced and the user experience will be affected. Therefore, as important as the purchase of grass silk is the construction of the lawn. You must pay attention to and understand these details.

The above are the details of the construction decisions made by the supplier of Easy Cutting Exhibition Artificial Grass to determine the experience of using artificial turf. I hope to help you.