Doormat Knowledge

Mar. 09, 2020

Door mat refers to a kind of household items that prevent dust and mud from entering the home. It is relatively soft and not easy to fade. Placing it at the doorway can also let people remove dirt and absorb moisture at the entrance, so that the interior can be kept clean and tidy. After a series of special treatments, the door mat will not easily fade and become brittle when placed outside. Today Door Mat Supplier will introduce in detail the advantages of door mats, the classification of door mats, and the placement of door mats.

1. Advantages of door mats

The advantages of door mats are:

(1) It is a product between soft floor and hard floor. Generally speaking, soft floor refers to carpets and other things, while hard floor refers to wooden floor, marble, ceramic tile, etc. To one of these items. Many high-end venues, such as hotels, restaurants, guesthouses, often use more soft floor designs in their interior designs. This is also to enable the corporate image of these high-end venues to be displayed, but the soft floor decoration needs to be maintained. At this time, the appearance of door mats has solved some maintenance troubles. In addition to certain decorative effects, door mats have more practical functions. The door mat is laid at the door. Everyone will step on the door mat before entering the door, and the door mat will take on important tasks such as anti-skid, water absorption, dust removal, etc. to isolate the sundries from the outside. The protective effect, even in some special occasions, the door mat also has the function of anti-static.

(2) Door Mat has an excellent decorative effect, which can enhance the image and aesthetics of the building.

(3) Places with a lot of people put on door mats, which can play a good role in cleaning, and can remove the mud, sand, etc. brought by pedestrians from the outside. This will ensure a certain amount of indoor cleaning.

Bold Stripe Carpet

Bold Stripe Carpet

2.Classification of doormats

There are many types of doormats, and we can distinguish them as follows:

(1) According to the purpose, it can be divided into elevator mats, outdoor mats, indoor mats, etc .;

(2) It can be divided into non-slip pads, dust removal pads, water absorption pads, etc. according to their functions;

(3) According to the material, it can be divided into rubber pad, polyester pad, acrylic pad, etc .;

(4) According to the style, it can be divided into Bold Stripe Carpet, single-striped carpet, and embossed carpet.

You can also divide by cloth:

(1) Polyester: wear-resistant, not easily deformed, good gloss, poor hygroscopicity, and serious static electricity;

(2) Cotton: non-irritating to the skin, harmless to the human body, and good hygroscopicity;

(3) Artificial cotton: good hygroscopicity, cheap price, easy to wrinkle.

3. Door mat placement

There are many places where doormats can be placed. Let's take a look below:

(1) Doorway

Door mats placed at the door are mainly used for dust removal and decontamination to keep the room clean and tidy. Therefore, the door mats at the door are often made of coconut fiber, rubber, polyester, nylon and other materials.

(2) Kitchen

The kitchen is a place of oil fume, and there is more oil and water inside the kitchen, so in order to prevent water, oil and other things in the kitchen from entering other places, you can use some cotton door mats with good water and oil absorption. If the color is dark, the dirt is not easy to see, and the price is more authentic.

(3) Bedroom

This is generally a place to rest. You can choose some cotton or microfiber doormats because they are comfortable and suitable for the bedroom.

The above is the relevant knowledge about doormats.