How to Choose the Right Exhibition Carpet?

Mar. 02, 2020

The Exhibition Carpet is a floor covering made of cotton, linen, wool, silk, grass and other fiber or chemical synthetic fiber materials, knitted or piled by hand or mechanical process. The exhibition carpet is one of the arts and crafts categories with a long history and tradition around the world. Covering the ground of residences, hotels, gymnasiums, exhibition halls, vehicles, ships, aircrafts, etc., exhibition carpets have the effect of reducing noise, heat insulation and decoration. Today Double Color Jacquard Carpet Supplier tells you how to choose the right exhibition carpet?

Double Color Jacquard Carpet

Double Color Jacquard Carpet

How to choose a suitable exhibition carpet, for the carpet, the material and manufacturing process are more important, different materials and different processing must comply with the environment. Therefore, the selection of exhibition carpets must be rigorous, according to their own conditions and requirements.

1. The choice of carpet should be determined according to the laying site, temperature, and number of visitors, such as hotel lobby, exhibition hall and company front desk. Such venues must choose durable, dust-proof and easy-to-clean carpets.

2. For small and quiet places, such as bedrooms and study rooms, choose carpets with good noise reduction performance, softness, and moisture resistance. Not only does it look soothing, but it can be undisturbed while resting. For carpets used in public places, such as corridors, stairs, and office areas, non-slip, durable, and easy-care carpets should be selected.

3. The more annoying should be the kitchen, restaurant and other places, we must choose a good anti-fouling performance, easy to handle carpets. With all the above types of exhibition carpets, we have the ability to do better and reassure customers.

4. Pay attention to the pile density of the exhibition carpet when purchasing. The pile of the carpet is tight and breathable, which can absorb or even isolate sound waves, and can achieve a good sound insulation effect. You can touch the carpet with your hands and feel the carpet surface. If the quality of the pile is high, the density of the carpet surface is full. Such a carpet is not only environmentally friendly, because it has good structure, but also has the advantages of resistance to stepping, abrasion, and durability.

5. Also pay attention to check the appearance of the exhibition carpet. The first thing is to ensure the carpet is flat and there is no color difference. It is also necessary to check whether there is release.

6. When choosing a carpet, pay attention to the color and pattern of the exhibition carpet. When you choose the carpet, you can rub it repeatedly with your hand or test cloth on the carpet surface several times to see if the hand or test cloth is sticky. If there is color, it means that the product has poor color fastness. As a result, the carpet is prone to discoloration and discoloration during laying and using, which affects the aesthetic effect of the exhibition carpet in laying and using.

In addition, the exhibition carpets should also pay attention to the following issues in use:

1. It is normal for new exhibition carpets to show slight fur during the initial use.

2. Beware of scratches on the carpet surface and burns on cigarette butts.

3. Most of the exhibition carpets have been treated with moth-proofing when they leave the factory. There is no need to put insect repellent on the carpets and human body.

4. The stains on the carpets of the exhibition should be cleaned in time. It will be difficult to remove them after a long time.

5. After the exhibition carpet is laid for a period of time, there will be a large number of organisms called mites multiply on it, which directly harms human health, so it should be cleaned and disinfected regularly for two to three months.

6. In order not to bring dust into the carpet area of the exhibition, a dust-removing blanket should be provided at the entrance.

This is the method for choosing the right exhibition carpet introduced by Floor Mat Supplier.