How To Remove The Hair From The Carpet?

Jul. 20, 2019

As a carpet company, we truly know it is very difficult to remove the hair on various carpets, such as on the flat carpet or on the Indoor Velour Exhibition Carpet. Today we would like to share with you how to remove the hair on them.

When cleaning the room, we are always used to sucking the carpet with a vacuum cleaner. The small impurities on the surface are easily sucked up, but the fine hair is difficult to suck on the Flat Carpet. Especially the soft hair of pets at home, such as the hair of kittens and puppies. This kind of soft hair is difficult to clean, and they are brought to every corner of the house with walking, and it is more common to stick to the clothes. Try these two methods and it works well for soft hair.

Indoor Velour Exhibition Carpet

Method One:

Wear a pair of dry rubber gloves (the kind used for washing dishes). After wearing them, both hands are rubbed back and forth. The purpose is to generate static electricity. Then, on the carpet, the hair is pulled from the outside to the inside, and the static electricity will gather the hair together. Let's throw away the group.

Method Two:

Don't throw away the useful paper roll in the house, wrap it around the paper roll with rubber bands, try to wrap it in a denser way, then do the "sweep" on the carpet from top to bottom like a brush, the hair will be your own I ran to the reel. Then throw the hair down and throw it away.

These two methods are only suitable for removing the hair on the carpet and can't clean the garbage such as paper scraps. Therefore, it is best to clean the impurities or residue with a vacuum cle