The Importance Of Carpet Tones

Jul. 18, 2019

The choice of carpet color and pattern is more important from an aesthetic point of view than choosing a carpet category. Carpet as a paving decoration material in the hotel engineering and renovation projects and other materials such as toilets, furniture and other materials, although the cost is low, but the role is far more important than any decoration.

The color is the feeling that the reflected light reaches the human eye and is the reflection of the external matter on the retina of the eye. Therefore the color of the carpet depends on the specific reflected light. Our Double Color Jacquard Carpet can change the mood and atmosphere, bring vitality to any place.

Double Color Jacquard Carpet

Double Color Jacquard Carpet

Like the color, the pattern will change or coordinate an environment, so when choosing a pattern, in addition to the color combination, the decoration style and decorative color are mainly considered.