What's The Characteristics Of Artificial Grass?

Jul. 27, 2019

As China accelerates environmental governance and environmental construction, people's awareness of environmental protection is also increasing. Because the environment is closely related to economic development and people's physical and mental health, the transformation of the environment and the greening environment have gradually become people's conscious behavior. Do you know the features of Multi Purpose Artificial Grass? Today Multi Purpose Artificial Grass Factory shares with you.

Multi Purpose Artificial Grass

Multi Purpose Artificial Grass

As a unit to be environmental greening, private homes must be greening the courtyard, villa greening, and artificial grass carpets must become the first choice.

1. The artificial grass is an all-weather site. It is completely unaffected by rain and snow. It has good water permeability. It can be drained 20 minutes after heavy rain. It can be used in extreme cold areas such as high cold and high temperature.

2. The artificial grass adopts the principle of bionics. There is no big difference between the user's activities and the natural grass. The color is realistic, the elasticity is good, and the foot feels comfortable.

3. In addition to the various advantages of natural grass, artificial grass has the characteristics of convenient construction, can be laid in asphalt, cement and hard sand field, and is durable, not easy to fade, easy to maintain, especially suitable for high frequency primary and secondary schools. site.

4. Artificial grass color is bright and long-lasting, and a variety of colors to choose from, is a good choice for leisure gardens, roof gardens, private green space.