Three Basic Foundations For Artificial Turf Laying

Aug. 12, 2019

Here is Velour Exhibition Carpet Manufacturer talking about three basic foundations for artificial turf laying.

Before the Artificial Grass Mat is built, in order to ensure the quality and economic efficiency of the turf, in the actual construction of the project, the factors should be fully combined with the economic input of the investor and the actual use characteristics of the turf, such as the treatment of the base layer and the glue for bonding. The choices and so on. Relying on scientific theories and techniques, the principle of economic, applicable and effective is realized to a large extent.

Artificial Grass Mat

Artificial Grass Mat

There are three types of commonly used artificial Grass Mat pitch foundations: asphalt foundation, cement foundation, and gravel foundation. Which type is used is mainly determined by the local climate environment and budget.

The asphalt foundation is particularly suitable for climatic environments with large temperature differences in the north and low winter temperatures. It is also not a suitable base type for warm and humid environments because of its high cost.

Crushed stone foundation is simple in construction, low in cost and rapid in drainage. It is common in the south, but because of its poor rigidity and stability, it is prone to loose foundation after long-term use, resulting in uneven foundation; therefore, in most areas of China The cement concrete foundation has become an economical, practical and cost-effective artificial turf foundation type.