The Classification Of Carpet Production Method

Aug. 23, 2019

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Selection section: the carpet is made by interlacing warp, weft and pile yarns, and then finishing by gluing, shearing and other subsequent processes.

Customized Embroidered Carpet

Customized Embroidered Carpet

Carpets can be divided into mechanism carpets and handmade carpets due to different manufacturing methods. The machine carpet also includes tufted carpets and woven Wilton carpets, woven Axminster carpets.

(a) Tufted carpet

The carpet belongs to a large classification of mechanically made carpets. Instead of interlacing warp and weft, the pile yarns are inserted into the carpet base fabric through steel needles, and then the rubber is held in the back process. Due to the high production efficiency of the carpet, it is the preferred carpet for hotel decoration, which is affordable.

(b) Woven Wilton carpet

The carpet is made by interlacing warp yarns, weft yarns and pile yarns, and then finishing by gluing, shearing and the like. Since the carpet process originated in the Wilton area of the United Kingdom, it is called the Wilton carpet. This loom is a double-layer fabric, so the production efficiency is relatively fast.

(c) Woven Axminster carpet

The carpet is also woven by three yarns of warp, weft and pile yarn, and then finished by the subsequent processes such as gluing and shearing. The carpet used in the process originated from Axminster, England. The weaving machine is a single-layer fabric with a low machine speed, and the carpet weaving efficiency is very low, and its efficiency is only 30% of the Wilton loom.

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