Progress In The Development Of Technology To Turn Carpet Into Three-dimensional Artwork

Aug. 29, 2019

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OEM Exhibition Carpet

OEM Exhibition Carpet

Election: Some people changed the carpet material to a universal hybrid textile, and the soft hand touched for more comfort. The craftsmanship was used to transform the carpet into a three-dimensional art.

The carpet used to be the most inconspicuous corner of the family. Now it has been repositioned by the designers, giving the carpet a new style, creating a different and general carpet, with more variety and style. Breaking the traditional pattern, the large-scale abstract floral pattern is now in the limelight, and is more popular with modern people.

Some people replaced the carpet material with a universal blend of textiles, soft touch for more comfort, and clever use of the technique to transform the carpet into a three-dimensional artwork.

In the design, the traditional form of carpet design is completely abandoned. The realistic flower pattern is somewhat lacking in new ideas. In order to break this drawback, the color blocks of different colors are combined and used, and the flowers are abstracted to create abstract artistic effects and pop. The style of the carpet, the imaginative design, has been loved by young people today.