Dirty And Life Analysis Of Carpet Patterns

Sep. 02, 2019

Here is a professional Velour Exhibition Carpet Supplier talking about dirty and life analysis of carpet patterns.

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Artificial Grass Mat

Artificial Grass Mat

The pattern of the carpet will affect the effective service life of the carpet. For example, due to changes in texture, stains and stains, the appearance of plain or light-colored carpets changes faster than the main dark-patterned carpet, as a flooring material. This will affect the actual life of the carpet - that is, the appearance changes until the carpet can no longer be used and has to be replaced.

The more the pattern pattern dominates, the easier it is for the carpet to hide dust and stains, and the fewer times it needs to be cleaned.

Only improving the quality of the carpet, such as increasing the weight density factor of the pile, without changing the color and pattern design will not increase the expected life of the carpet.

If the choice of pattern seriously affects the service life of the carpet, only increase the number of cleaning or change the color, the pattern design can improve its service life.

For the same level of carpet, it has a large pattern and the dark color is the main body (Lo*(1)=35, and its service life is expected to be 6X1.2X1.0 for about 7 years.

Note: Lo*(1) color brightness value, describing the depth of the color, in CIEL*A*B.

Patterns and colors are the tools in the hands of designers. Here are some of the patterns that you can use in your design: large-area patterns, especially the pattern's large flower shape, make the room look compact; stripes can lead the line of sight to the distance, so it is decorated with stripes. The room looks bigger; the pattern can also define and distinguish the space. For example, a piece of carpet can distinguish a dining area or a talking angle; the pattern can also make the stains cover up, especially suitable for people with large flow.

Whether a carpet pattern is suitable for a certain room is only known if it is tried, so the design of the indoor paving rendering is very important.

The ratio of the carpet pattern to the room is different, and the decorative effect will be very different.

The carpet pattern must also match the furniture in the room.

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