Six Functions Of The Carpet

Sep. 17, 2019

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Nowadays, everyone is paying more and more attention  to soft-packing. Carpets are also entering the life of everyone with more and  more ever-changing styles. They think that carpets bring life not only taste, fashion, but also a healthy and safe life concept. The carpet has gradually  developed into a high-grade ornament, which has the functions of heat  insulation, moisture resistance, comfort, etc., as well as noble, gorgeous,  beautiful and pleasing effects, thus becoming a hot product of modern house  decoration. So what effect does it have to make the public keen on  it?

Six Functions Of The Carpet

Single Stripe Carpet

The effect of sound insulation

With its tightly ventilated structure, the carpet  absorbs and insulates sound waves and has good sound insulation.

Efficacy tow  to improve air quality

The surface fluff of the carpet can capture and  absorb the dust particles floating in the air, effectively improving the indoor  air quality.

Efficacy three carpet safety

Carpet is a kind of soft paving material. It is  different from hard floor covering materials such as marble and ceramic tiles.  It is not easy to slip and bump. There are recommended carpets or carpets for  children and the elderly.

The effect of four artistic landscaping

The texture of the carpet is gorgeous, and the  ground can be dignified and beautiful after being laid. Once the floor of the  stiff flat plate is carpeted, it will be full of room, which makes people feel  happy and enjoys an aesthetic enjoyment. Carpets are rich in patterns, beautiful  colors, and diverse shapes. They can beautify your decorative environment and  reflect your personality. You can choose according to your own preferences. For  example, you can choose a Single Stripe Carpet  to make the living room clean and  stylish.

Five effects are non-toxic

Carpets do not have radiation, do not emit gases  such as formaldehyde that are not conducive to good health, and meet various  environmental requirements.

Efficacy of six walking comfort

When people walk on hard ground, the soles of the  feet focus on the ground and the reaction of the ground, making people feel  uncomfortable and prone to fatigue. After the carpet is carpeted, since the  carpet is a fabric with elastic fibers, the texture is thick and soft, so it  will produce resilience when walking on it. It feels comfortable and soft, and  it is easy to eliminate fatigue and tension, which makes people feel  happy.

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