What is the role of carpeting at home?

Nov. 25, 2019

When we renovated, there was a way of decoration. Many people like to imitate it. It is to add a rug under the coffee table in the living room. Some people will find it so beautiful. Some people follow suit. Few people will understand why a carpet is added under the living room coffee table. Today, Screen Printed Carpet suppliers will share with you, and let everyone know why a carpet is added, not only for the sake of good looks.

Let me tell you the first point. This is what makes everyone imitate it. It is beautiful! That ’s right, that ’s why it ’s so vulgar, because there are many patterns of carpets, placed in the center of the living room, you can improve a layered sense of the entire space. The room is not empty and has a sense of space. There are many carpet patterns, which can not only become the coordinator of space, but also integrate the space to improve the texture. For example, help the monotonous space to enrich the color and purify the space. But it can complete the atmosphere of the space. In the space of mahogany furniture, bright yellow embroidery, and tassel palace lights, the classic pattern of Bold Stripe Carpet is paved.

The second point, which is a function of the carpet, is to suck dust. Even if our room is cleaned every day, a lot of dust will fall down, and the carpet has the function of vacuuming. The carpet can suck dust. The small particles in the house fall on the carpet and will be adsorbed by the surface layer of the carpet, which is not easy to spread again, which reduces the indoor dust content.

Bold Stripe Carpet

Bold Stripe Carpet

The third point is that the carpet has a sound absorption function. When we buy a carpet, we will always hear the shopping guide to emphasize, what is the purpose of sound absorption? It is because we speak in a large room, and sometimes there will be echoes. If the ears are not good, it may sometimes be inaudible, and the sound absorption of the carpet will remove this effect.

The fourth point is the protection function. Some families will have children. Children will inevitably fall during the playing process. If it is a wooden floor, it will be fine. Tiles will be painful, and there is a risk of stabbing. Carpeting is very good for protection, and at the same time, it can also protect the floor. The carpet protects the floor. The living room area is used more frequently. The back and forth movement of the coffee table will inevitably cause friction with the ground, thereby abrading the ground, and the carpet plays a good protective role. Because of our high usage rate in the living room, if something sharp falls off the ground accidentally, it will cause a damage to the floor, which is very unattractive and difficult to repair, so this is also a mutual protection.

Note: The carpet must be cleaned frequently, because the carpet is vacuumed, and the residues of the items are dropped in the daily life, hidden in the surface pile, and bacteria will be generated if it is not cleaned in time. It is recommended to vacuum every day and clean it once every 1-3 months.

Next time in the decoration, if someone asks why you want to install a carpet, you can tell him the principles in a serious way. The above is the role of the carpet introduced by Floor Mat Supplier, and I hope to help everyone.