Should The Door Mat Be Placed Indoors Or Outdoors?

Nov. 30, 2019

Home doormats are furniture items we often place. On the one hand, it can beautify the home. On the other hand, before entering the door, you can wipe the shoes with dust on it to avoid the room full of dust. Then do you know if the home doormat should be placed indoors or outdoors? Today, Floor Mat Supplier is here to show everyone!

The first thing to tell you is that more and more people are beginning to pursue the quality of life. Naturally, when choosing a doormat, not only is the applicability of the doormat, but also the thought of choosing the material, it must be beautiful and meet the graceful aesthetic In addition, we must choose the door mat which is stain-resistant in appearance, try to choose materials that are easy to clean, and durable, after all, we always need to use it.

First introduce the placement of the lower door mat and the corresponding role!


1. Kitchen: Block water and oil in the kitchen from entering outside the kitchen. Handu recommends using cotton dusting mats with good water and oil absorption. Dark color, not obvious after staining, easy to clean, and cheap.

2. Balcony and stairway: can play a non-slip effect.

3. Doorway: Decontamination and dust removal to prevent soil on shoes from entering the room. Generally use coconut fiber material, rubber, nylon, polypropylene, polyester and other materials to remove dust mats.

4, washroom: play a water absorption effect. Therefore, cotton or microfiber mats should be selected, especially microfiber materials. Consumers step on it directly after taking out the bath, absorb water quickly, and feel comfortable.

5, bedroom: placed next to the bed, it is recommended that you use cotton or microfiber mats in the bedroom. These two floor mats are safe and pollution-free, completely eliminate the trouble of static electricity, and have a comfortable texture, which is very suitable for bedrooms and children's rooms.

6. Entrance: It can protect the floor and reduce the wear on the ground. Therefore, you can choose acrylic mats that are soft in texture and not easy to lose hair.

Therefore, as the first item to enter the home, the placement of the doormat is very important. Putting it in the doorway not only removes the dust under our feet, but also brings home the dirty dust as little as possible. If conditions permit, you can put a doormat inside and outside the door of your home. Putting doormats outside and inside the door can make you a lot more convenient. While it is convenient for us to clean our shoes, guests do not have to enter the door to change shoes as much trouble.

The mat outside the door is particularly easy to dirty, but if you place the dirty mat outside inside the door, it is easy to soil the indoor floor. Sometimes it really feels inappropriate. Don’t buy a mat at all, but the Door Mat is still very important. It can improve the quality of life and make life more convenient.

Door Mat

Door Mat

If there are many family members, it is better to choose better quality mats when purchasing door mats. They have a longer service life, are less prone to damage, have a longer service life, and require less replacement, which also indirectly improves our quality of life.

If necessary, you can put one in the bedroom door to ensure that your bedroom environment is clean. If you have children or elderly people, it is necessary to put such a mat. But remember to clean it often, otherwise there will be a lot of bacteria and dirt.

If the soil where you live is very dusty, in addition to placing mats outside the door, you can also place the mats inside the door, so dirt and dust can be cleaned in front of the door. When the shoes step on it, there is nothing to contact the ground in winter. After all, the shoes are no longer dirty. At the same time, pay attention to anti-skid, especially in families with children or the elderly. Many accidents can be avoided. Cleaning is very simple. Just remove the dirt on the door mat.

In addition to the gate, a doormat should be placed in front of the bathroom door. Bathrooms are usually dirty, wet, and often slippery, so every time you walk out of the bathroom, it is better to have a cushion underneath. The bathroom floor generally uses tiles, and it is easy to accidentally fall to the floor, so a door mat should also be placed in the bathroom, especially for children and the elderly.

The above is the doormat laying technique introduced by Velour Exhibition Carpet Supplier. Hope to help you.