Do You Understand The Steps To Install The Lawn Correctly?

May. 16, 2020

Outdoors, we often see the figure of artificial turf, because it not only serves as an embellishment, but it is also very simple to take care of. The artificial turf is mainly made of different materials such as glass fibre reinforced plastic resin and cement. So, how to install the artificial lawn correctly? Let me introduce you to the Ribbed Exhibition Carpet Supplier.

According to the different shape and size of the simulated lawn and the materials used in different places are different. Because of the habit of Artificial Turf Mat, turf is deeply constrained geographically. The use of simulated turf has broken this constraint to a certain extent. It can be used in parks, green areas and some tropical-themed clubs and attractions in the north.

Pay-off (measurement), find the centre point of the place and two semi-circles, and place a ruler according to these three positioning points to draw the line, determine the intersection point of the centre line and the side line of the place, and then use the Pythagorean theorem to enter the corner points on the place, The precise orientation of the line, and then determine the position of each function point and line, and pop it with ink line or paint line. Move the turf into the place and spread it in the horizontal direction, and then push it from one end of the vertical side to the other end. When spreading, try to make the white scribe line woven on the turf be in the direction of the function line to reduce the number of cuts.

Velour Exhibition Carpet

Velour Exhibition Carpet

Cut the white grass thread woven on the outer edge of the turf that could not be placed in the direction of the function line, and set aside for use. Assuming that the white line is other woven, it is necessary to manually cut it into 12CM wide white line. Lap each joint of the green turf by 2 to 3 cm, cut it from the centre of the lap with a grass push knife, make the turf at both ends as tight as possible, and then trim with a paper-knife. Spread the joint belt about 20 cm wide along the turf joint, put it under the turf, try to make the joint of the turf be at the centre of the joint belt, and then evenly apply the universal glue to the joint belt with a rubber scraper. Then put the turf at both ends together, glue it to the connecting belt, and beat it with a rubber hammer.

After slicing the turf substrate, draw the line again to determine the exact position of each function line and point, cut it with a paper-knife, pull out the cut grass strip put the connecting belt into it, scrape the glue, and put the previously prepared white Put the grass line back, after cementing, repeat the beating with a rubber hammer, the connection part must be tightly bonded.

After the Artificial Grass Supplier spliced the turf paving, the folded part of the turf needs to be opened with a paper cutter, straightened and docked, cut off the stacked part, and then cemented. After all the turf has been bonded, it is preliminarily cleaned up with a grass brushing machine: the first pass uses the grass brushing machine to brush up the fallen grass line of the whole field. Before installing the simulated lawn, you must understand its steps.