Can Artificial Turf Replace Plastic As The First Choice For Kindergarten?

May. 21, 2020

When it comes to kindergarten, everyone will think of children for the first time, then the safety and environmental protection of the environment has become an indispensable part of the kindergarten. The general kindergarten pavement decoration uses plastic runways, but since the emergence of poisonous runways, directly The plastic runway has pushed the tip of public opinion. The plastic raw material is polyurethane, which will age after being exposed to the sun for a long time outdoors, and will produce strong pungent harmful substances. The environmental protection performance of Artificial Grass has become the first choice for kindergartens and Grass Mat has gradually replaced the starting position of plastics in kindergartens.

Why can artificial turf replace plastic as the first choice for kindergarten? The Durable Soccer Artificial Grass Manufacturer pointed out that the artificial turf uses imported safe grass material, which has good environmental performance and good elasticity; the bottom uses a composite base cloth plus imported strong glue; in terms of safety performance, from the raw material to the cloth The glue uses imported environmentally friendly materials, and it can be said that the artificial turf has achieved a non-toxic and non-polluting level.

In the second aspect of protection, although plastic can play a role in protecting children, it does not play the role of anti-wrestling in the presence of water, and the anti-skid performance of artificial turf is much better than plastic, which can play a role in protecting children in kindergartens. And reduce the physical injuries of children, to a great extent, can avoid children from being injured during play.

Before, many people would worry about the filling of artificial turf, but with the development of artificial grass technology and technology, no-fill artificial turf is used more and more in kindergartens. The kindergarten artificial turf does not need to be filled with quartz sand and rubber particles. The safety factor is greater, and parents can rest assured to hand over their children to school. The mixed fish and dragon in the artificial grass industry do not rule out the use of inferior fillers for the benefit of unscrupulous merchants. It is also why there are inferior products flowing in the market. Therefore, when choosing a large-brand manufacturer, choosing good products can guarantee the entire project.

Artificial Grass

Artificial Grass

Also from the consideration of pavement and later maintenance, artificial turf pavement is simple. You can buy artificial turf and come back to DIY to pave, which can reduce installation costs and labour costs. You can even pave while teaching, but the plastic runway will be complicated Some pavements require professionals to lay them. During the course of pavement, the plastic runway will have a great taste, which will have a great impact on the respiratory system of children. In terms of post-maintenance, after the artificial turf is paved, there is no need for much post-maintenance, just a simple clean-up, and the maintenance cost is negligible. Although the maintenance of the plastic runway is not complicated at the later stage, it will be difficult to demolish if refurbished, and it will easily damage the foundation facilities.

Kindergarten artificial turf in the game with the plastic runway, regardless of the environmental protection and safety performance of raw materials, protection performance, sports performance and other aspects have occupied advantages, which is why artificial turf can replace plastic as the first choice for kindergarten, right? I also urge everyone to use real materials and environmental protection and safety performance materials for the health of children, not for the sake of small interests that damage the future flowers of the motherland.