Three Classifications Of Artificial Turf In Football Fields.

Apr. 07, 2020

Artificial Grass is widely used in school stadiums, kindergartens to community leisure places, and houses and tables. Let's take a look at the three categories of artificial Grass on football fields with Artificial Grass Suppliers!

The first type is the artificial turf that is not filled with sand. In the United States, most of the artificial grass fiber materials used in artificial turf for football fields are high-grade nylon materials (pa), and some use multi-fibers.  It can be divided into two kinds of seepage and non-seepage. This lawn resembles a natural lawn in appearance, with a layer of shock-absorbing foam cushions in some parts, which have many different densities and thicknesses. Since there are not many manufacturers who really master the technology of laying artificial Grass on football fields in China and most of them are foreign technologies, when laying artificial Grass on unsanded football fields, especially laying shock-absorbing foam cushions must be done by foreign experts. A layer of smooth asphalt should be laid under the shock-absorbing foam, and gravel, sand, and pebbles should be laid under the asphalt. The construction of the drainage system is the most critical link. In addition, this type of football field artificial turf must use artificial grass special machinery during the installation process, especially in the laying and installation of some professional or expensive sports venues, otherwise it will not be able to achieve smooth and even ground Requirements.

The second is the artificial grass turf filled with a particle-filled football field. Because of its advanced international level of good sports performance and good practicality, it is accepted by the majority of users in China. Most of its materials are polymers of polyethylene (pe) or polypropylene (pp). The fibers of this lawn are longer than those without sand, and the surface is backfilled with 2-3 mm of quartz sand and rubber particles. Its sporting characteristics are very similar to natural lawns and can be used all year round, all-weather. Generally, after laying the lawn, it takes 6-8 months to reach its best condition. This type of lawn is particularly suitable for laying outdoors, and its warranty period is usually 5-8 years, but its actual life can exceed five years. In long-term dry weather, as long as a little water is sprayed on the lawn, you can reduce the risk of athletes being scratched.

Soccer Artificial Grass

Soccer Artificial Grass

Natural-artificial hybrid turf It is no longer a dream to fuse natural turf and artificial turf in football fields. Now there is hybrid turf. The Grass of this turf is natural, and the root structure of the Grass is reinforced with plastic. Grass grows on the bottom of a net made of plastic. In this way, the user-friendly nature of natural turf is well combined with the super durability of artificial turf in football fields. In China, 95% of artificial turf is filled with particles, but many schools often overlook the most important construction links when choosing products. The construction technology of artificial grass is very important for the maintenance and improvement of artificial Grass in the later period. First of all, make technical preparations, make "three links and one leveling," and familiarize yourself with the drawings first, check, and accept the basic construction quality. The paving site should be clean, and the surface should be dry and smooth, free of debris, no wax stains, grease, and the minimum construction temperature should be maintained Above 10 ℃. Use theodolite or other instruments to measure whether the surrounding facilities conform to the size of the sports field. If there are any inconsistencies, they should be modified immediately. The tolerance is ± 5 mm. Secondly, before laying artificial Grass, we must check the quality of the turf with the artificial grass production unit to check whether the material quality, density, and weaving process of the turf are qualified to meet the requirements of use. A standard site connection point cannot exceed 30, and at the same time, check whether the quality of the filler meets environmental protection requirements. During the laying process, special tools should be used to trim and sew the lawn according to the specifications, and the overlapping lawn should be cut evenly.

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