Why Choose a Carpet As the Decorative Material for the Floor?

Apr. 06, 2020

I believe many people have stayed at the hotel and will find carpets an indispensable decorative material on some high-end occasions. So why choose a carpet as a decorative material for the floor? The following is a detailed introduction by Double Color Jacquard Carpet Supplier for everyone, let's take a look together!

1. Protect the environment and save energy

Use carpet as floor decoration material, environmental protection and energy saving. In particular, chemical fiber carpet and chemical fiber are made from refined products and can be reused many times.

2. Security

The carpet is soft and comfortable, and it can protect your family and other items well compared to hard materials. Effectively prevent elderly and children from falling.

3. Sound absorption and sound insulation

Carpet has better sound absorption and sound insulation performance than other hard floor materials. Reduce unnecessary noise and make our living space more comfortable.

4. Multiple colors

Carpets, because of their rich colors and patterns, have become a major reason why more and more people choose carpets as home decoration. The colorful carpets can make the room look gorgeous and solemn, and the flat and light carpets can make the room quiet and comfortable. Create a comfortable and warm home environment! In addition, Foam Backed Carpet as an exhibition carpet also makes the exhibition more solemn.

Foam Backed Carpet

Foam Backed Carpet

5. Dust-proof effect is good for health

If the hard surface decoration material is not cleaned, dust will float, which will endanger our health. The use of carpets does not have these problems, because the surface structure of the piles of the carpets is dense, and the dust in the air can be absorbed to a certain extent, thereby reducing the dust content in the air. The carpet also has dust, moisture and anti-static effects.

6. Moisturizing

Carpets have thermal insulation and prevent excessive temperature loss. No matter what season of the year, it can save economic expenses caused by heating or cooling. Carpet insulation is good. In winter, it can block the bitter coolness of the ground. In summer, the open air conditioning, its heat insulation and barrier function, will prevent the indoor low temperature from being lost too quickly.

7. Comfort

Carpets are comfortable, soft and elastic due to their inherent properties. Rather than appear stiff, slippery and noisy when walking on hard ground.

8. Renovate at any time

The carpet replacement process is simple and convenient, and the time is short. You can easily change new carpet at any time.

After understanding the advantages of the carpet, we will still encounter the problem of dirty carpet. How to wash the carpet is a headache for many friends. How should the carpet be washed? Don't worry, the Floor Mat Supplier will tell you.

In general, carpet cleaning is mainly performed by multi-functional machine cleaners, vacuum cleaners, and special disinfectants, high foam carpet water for mite killing, sterilization, foam cleaning and decontamination, and then vacuum cleaning The machine sucks up the sewage and then treats it with anti-fouling spray, so that the carpet surface can form an anti-fouling film, so as to achieve the effect of waterproof and dustproof. Also remember that the carpet must be washed regularly!