What Are The Causes Of Chromatic Aberration In Artificial Grass?

Jan. 06, 2020

There are many links that affect the quality of artificial grass, and many problems are caused. Among them, chromatic aberration is a more common quality problem of artificial grass, and there are many ways to express chromatic aberration. The main reason for the color difference is that the raw materials of grass silk are not up to standard, the production line equipment technology is not up to standard, or the technology is not up to standard in the production process. The Artificial Grass Supplier will give you a detailed introduction to the reasons for the color difference of artificial grass.

Artificial Grass

Artificial Grass

1. The color difference is not completely caused by the overfeed. When replacing the new material, the remaining material in the screw could not be cleaned up, and the two phases were mixed, so that the ingredient composition of this part deviated from the set configuration, and the color of the grass drawn by the mixed part and the new material would be different.

2. The tip of the grass is bent to produce visual chromatic aberration. Grass bending is generally caused by inconsistent shrinkage of straight grass. The shrinkage of grass can be achieved by adjusting the drawing oven temperature, the setting oven temperature, and the annealing ratio.

3. Non-uniform curved wire produces chromatic aberration. The uneven curvature of Artificial Grass will cause uneven and uneven surface of artificial grass, which will cause visual color difference. The curvature of the curly grass must be uniform, which requires that the drawing process and formula are reasonable, and the temperature and pressure of the curly machine are stable.

4. Color difference caused by improper twist direction and twist. One twist of the twisted grass yarn is one twist. The number of twists per unit length is called twist, and the twist direction refers to the inclined direction of the grass fiber after the grass yarn is twisted. The twist direction of artificial grass has a great influence on the appearance of artificial grass.

5. Straight silk multiple color difference. It means that there is a color difference between several strands of straight silk. Generally, it may be caused by problems in the settings of the spinneret opening, tension, and traction roller during the drawing of the straw.

6. The carpet is wrinkled and the carpet surface is wrinkled to produce a color difference. Wrinkles are generally caused by the humidity not being met when the base fabric is glued and dried. Wrinkles on the blanket also cause wrinkles on the carpet surface. In addition, improper rewinding and squashing on the silk can cause carpet surface wrinkles.

7. Artificial grass products produced from different batches of raw materials may produce color differences when paved on the same site. The raw materials of different batches are often not completely the same, and generally have different degrees of difference, which will cause differences in the color of grass.

The above is the reason why the artificial grass color difference of artificial grass by the Soccer Artificial Grass supplier , and I hope it can help everyone.