Customized Single Stripe Carpet Classification

Jun. 28, 2019

According to the use, Customized Single Stripe Carpets are divided into two categories: commercial carpets and art carpets.

1. Taiyuan-Carpet Commercial Carpet is a carpet produced by industrialized carpets. It is mainly used for floor laying of buildings, such as hotels, hotels, offices, corridors, bedrooms, conference rooms, meeting rooms, etc. It can also be used in cruise ships, airplanes, etc. use. Commercial carpets are generally produced by weaving or pricking.

2, PVC Single Stripe Carpet is a carpet for the purpose of appreciation and decoration, mainly hanging on the wall of the room, also known as tapestry, usually handmade. The excellent art carpets are generally elaborated by the artisans and carefully crafted by the producers. They have the artistic appreciation and ideological connotation that ordinary commercial carpets do not have, and have high artistic value and collection value.

The classifications similar to art carpets include craft carpets and art carpets, but the latter two categories sometimes coincide with commercial carpets, so they are not classified.

Customized Single Stripe Carpets