How to Repair Carpet Holes?

Jul. 06, 2019

People who smoke in their homes may encounter situations where the carpet is accidentally burnt by the cigarette. It maybe make a Single Color Jacquard Carpet into a ugly carprt. How to Repair Carpet Holes? This will teach you some small tricks to make ie become a Durable Single Color Jacquard Carpet again.

Single Color Jacquard Carpet

Single Color Jacquard Carpet

Find the same patch.

1. Find the small pieces left behind when paving the carpet.

2. Then cut off the piece that burned the carpet.

3, after using the same piece of material to cut a piece to make up, you can't see it from a distance.

Patch with similarly colored yarn.

First use a hard brush to brush the hotened area a few times to ensure that the surface is not floating. Then cut some carpet hair at the corners of the carpet, apply glue to the damaged area, and then carefully attach the cut hair to the damaged area.

If the hole is worn entirely through the carpet, first put a layer of cloth on the opposite side of the hole, and then proceed with the above operation.

Looking for a professional.

If the carpet is burnt by the cigarette butt, it is best to go to a professional repairer to help you. For such large-area damage, it is not recommended to repair it yourself, so as not to aggravate the damage.