What Should I Pay Attention to when Cleaning Floor Mat?

Feb. 17, 2020

The carpet is simple to lay, there are many shapes and patterns, and the installation time is short, which can bring beautiful home and comfortable enjoyment. With the improvement of living taste, many people will lay floor mat during home decoration. However, floor mat are not as simple as washing clothes with water. Carpet cleaning is more troublesome. If you are not careful, you will go into a misunderstanding. With more and more types of floor mat, the cleaning of floor mat has become more and more sophisticated. What kind of misunderstandings do people often have in carpet cleaning? What is the correct cleaning method? Double Color Jacquard Carpet Supplier will tell you next.

1.Clean often

Many people think that carpet maintenance is often cleaned and rinsed, so as to ensure the cleanliness of the carpet. You don’t have to worry about bacteria and other issues when you use it. It is more assured. In fact, frequent flushing will affect the softness, color and gloss of the carpet. Clean and does not require frequent rinsing.

Suggestion: Most of the floor mat are pure wool floor mat, which are not suitable for frequent washing, which will cause damage to all aspects of the carpet. The combination of regular thorough cleaning and daily dust removal is the most correct way to maintain the carpet.

2.Sunlight sterilization

People often put the quilt in the sun and sterilize it, thinking that it is also suitable for the maintenance of Floor Mat, so they often put the washed carpet under the sun, but the prolonged sunlight will make the carpet lose its original softness and color Degree is not a good way to maintain the carpet.

Recommendation: If you want to sterilize in the sun, it is advisable to dry the carpet in the sun for 1-2 hours. It is best to leave the carpet in the vent to air dry to reduce the damage to the carpet, so that the carpet will be clean when used. It's soft, comfortable and durable.

Floor Mat

Floor Mat

3.Powerful bleach

The use of floor mat is inevitably soiled, stained, and some people choose to clean the carpet with strong bleach when they encounter stubborn stains. Strong bleach can undoubtedly clean the stains left on the carpet. However, after the carpet comes into contact with the strong bleach, it may produce chemical stains or discoloration, and more serious may cause the carpet to corrode to wear. appear. Therefore, even if it is necessary to wash the stains of the carpet with strong bleach, it should be diluted with water as much as possible before reuse.

Recommendation: In daily use, care should be taken to avoid floor mat getting difficult to clean liquids, such as soy sauce, red wine and paint. If it does, it is best to use some cleaning tips to clean it. When it is not possible to use strong bleach to clean the stains on the carpet, dilute it with water as much as possible to avoid damage to the carpet.

4, mistakenly thought that the carpet was shed

When the carpet is used or cleaned, many people find that there is a thin layer of "floating hair" on the surface of the carpet, or that the length of the carpet's hair is different, and they think it is the carpet. In fact, "floating hair" is common in short-fiber wool floor mat, and the phenomenon of varying lengths of carpet hair is more common.

Recommendation: Thin "floating hair" is generally ignored. For different lengths of carpet hair, just wipe the hair in the same direction. Do not blindly change the carpet because it is a hair loss.

When the morning sun and the afternoon sunset come, you can take the rug to the balcony and enjoy the sunshine while drying the rug. Smaller stains can be cleaned with soap. Larger stains can be handled by carpet cleaning companies. Now you can accept hundreds of dollars of down jackets for dry cleaning. Don't give up the beautiful because of saving money and laziness Things, it will be more beautiful because of your care. Above are a few methods for cleaning floor mat shared by Floor Mat Supplier.