Understand The Problems Encountered In The Repair Process Of Artificial Turf Manufacturers

Apr. 22, 2020

The artificial lawn has formed a new trend from school stadiums, kindergartens to community leisure places and houses and platforms. The artificial turf produced must comply with Taiwan's industrial standards before exporting and comply with Taiwan's environmental protection requirements. The quality stars of artificial turf can be evaluated according to the years of experience sought by simulated turf manufacturers. The appearance of a simulated lawn is a very important factor. Whether the color of the simulated lawn is white. Whether the softness of the grass is good and how it looks.

But the lawn also needs maintenance and repair. Some people say that repairing artificial turf is not easier than making a new artificial turf field, but it is more difficult. What problems and precautions will be encountered during the renovation of an old artificial turf field? The following Artificial Grass Supplier will briefly introduce them.

Colourful Artificial Grass

Colourful Artificial Grass

The renovation of the Artificial Grass Mat site requires the removal of the old artificial turf and replacement with new Artificial Grass. The first step is to demolish the artificial turf, which is the key link. The first thing to pay attention to during the removal of the artificial turf is not to damage the original artificial turf foundation. The artificial turf foundation is generally made of cement, asphalt, or other lime soil cushions. During the installation process, the artificial turf is bonded to the ground or connected by an adhesive. During the removal of the artificial turf on the seam tape and the non-woven fabric, use tools to shovel the artificial turf and the joint layer, and do not damage the artificial turf foundation to be bumpy.

In addition, the waste materials removed are all measured in tons. Therefore, full consideration should be given to the quotation process. When many novices go to the site, the artificial lawn of the site is close to baldness. Less, this is not the case. Because the amount of particles and quartz sand filled during the construction of a new artificial turf field is basically the same, taking a standard football field as an example, the quartz sand filled is about 200 tons, so this is a very The huge garbage cleanup work, so you must fully consider it when making a budget.

Handling and cleaning old, quartz sand and rubber particles on the artificial turf. These old materials are absolutely unusable. After many years of use, these old materials have long lost their inherent properties, which are mixed with Many dust and other dirty things no longer have safety performance.

Artificial turf manufacturers remind that before paving a new artificial turf, the site must be cleaned first. If possible, it is best to rinse it with water to clean up the floating soil dust on the site, and then start to pave the artificial turf.