A Little Science About Carpets

Sep. 30, 2019

Carpet is made of natural fiber or synthetic fiber, such as cotton, linen, wool, silk and grass yarn, which is woven, tufted or woven by hand or mechanical process. It is one of the arts and crafts categories with a long history in the world. Covering the ground of residence, guesthouses, hotels, conference rooms, entertainment venues, gymnasiums, exhibition halls, vehicles, ships, airplanes, etc., it can reduce noise, heat insulation and decoration effect to improve foot sense, prevent slipping and prevent air pollution. The interior use area of the house is kitchen, bedroom, bedside, tea table sofa, toilet and living room.

Carpets in China have a long history. As early as 2000 years ago, carpets were produced in Sinkiang in western China and various patterns could be woven. Later, the carpet weaving technology was introduced into the central plains, and it was more and more widely used.

Baijuyi, the great poet of tang dynasty, wrote a famous sentence in his poem "red thread blanket" : "the earth does not know that cold people should be warm, and less people should take their clothes as lichens". According to document record, arrive in tang song Ming and qing dynasties, carpet breed is more and more, the carpet that makes, often with cotton, wool, hemp and paper rope make raw material system. The braided carpet that China produces, use the veiling strand with extremely high intensity to make warp and ground weft, and on warp according to design tie the coarse woof of chromatic hair to form wool wool, pass the craft process such as clipping wool, brush next and knit. Its front dense stands of plush, texture solid, elastic and good.Especially the carpet produced by Sinkiang hotan area is more valuable, and has the good reputation of "oriental carpet".

So why should carpet be laid? Carpet with its close and breathable structure, can absorb and isolate sound wave, have good sound insulation effect. Improve air quality, carpet is a kind of soft shop outfit material, in the ground shop outfit carpet, slippery not easily fall knock against, carpet has rich design, flowery colour, diversification modelling, can beautify your adornment environment, reflect your individual character; Carpet still can be used at the same time a few solemn occasions, increase solemn sense and ceremonial sense, for example national meeting and wedding ceremony. According to the use and occasion of carpet can be divided into several categories, such as commercial carpet, mainly used for meeting rooms, hotels, exhibitions, domestic carpet and industrial carpet. I would like to focus here on the commercial carpets used in exhibitions. The custom of laying exhibition carpets can be traced back to thousands of years ago. According to the research of historians, the Greek tragic poet Aeschylus mentioned the red carpet in 485 BC, which may be the earliest record in the history of red carpet laying. This kind of carpet is mainly used in exhibitions, exhibition halls, ceremonial activities, opening ceremonies, performance activities and other public places. There are a lot of kinds of exhibition carpet on the market, main distinction is qualitative namely, so the exhibition carpet that what material pledges is suitable for exhibition or marriage to celebrate activity most? I would like to introduce two kinds of exhibition carpets, one is Velour exhibition carpet and the other is Fire proof exhibition carpet.

velour exhibition carpet

velour exhibition carpet

As the name implies, velour exhibition carpet is the carpet with velour texture. This kind of carpet is noble and luxurious, exquisite and elegant. It is suitable for various high-end occasions. Fire proof exhibition carpets are named for their role as fireproof, non-flammable and suitable for large exhibitions or hotel corridors with a large population. Our company is fire proof exhibition carpets and Velour exhibitions manufacturer, and also includes other carpets or products. If you want to know more, you can click the link in the article.